Hi my name is Meagan Hawthorne and I am 22 years old. Currently a full time undergrad student at York University studying Law.

I have always loved movies; watching movies, making movies and even editing them. My earliest memory of seeing a film in theatre was seeing Titanic with my parents. I was six years old at the time and wow did I love it. The whole ritual behind going to the cinema was fascinating to me. Starting with finding the right showtime (at that time it was through newspapers as the internet hadn’t really kicked off yet), driving to the theatre, walking up to the box office ticket booth, getting the ticket stubs, all the yummy snacks that you could eat, getting your ticket stubs ripped and find the specific theatre room. One of my favourite things was choosing the seats. I learned quickly that there were the “primetime” seats and the others were “crap”. I made a good effort to always find these primetime seats or else my movie experiences wasn’t as good.

While going to school and working part time, I had developed an obsession with blu-rays. Everything about them; disc size, durability, picture/audio quality and of course the packaging. I just fell in love with them and started my collection much to my family’s dismay. After that I started a Youtube channel by the name of BluRayGirl to create a little video blog of the different blu-rays I had obtained and my thoughts on them. Youtube is a great place to find others with similar interests and to check out their collection.

If you would like to request a review or you would like to send me a film to review, please contact me by one of these methods below.

Twitter: @boxofficecritic
Email: bluray.junkie13@gmail.com


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